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Jess Isoni

Sales Coordinator

About Jess

My passion for travel started when I was eight years old on a family trip to Greece. I love to lay on the beach listening to the sound of the waves and feel the warmth from the sun on my skin.

I’m so excited to be working in the travel industry and to eventually visit more countries and learn about their cultures and history.

I love to collect snow globes from every country I visit, makes me feel like I’m bringing a piece of the country back with me. I even managed to get one in Barbados.

Talking points

What's your favourite destination?


Which destination is top of your bucket list, and why?

French Polynesia, because of its breath taking beaches and also would love to go snorkelling in the blue lagoon

How many languages do you speak?


Which five items do you always pack when travelling?

My phone, word search, makeup, pair of black heels and a pack of bread sticks

What's your top travel tip?

Explore the local surroundings and meet the locals