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Jessica Spence

Travel Specialist

About Jess 

I discovered a growing passion for travel from a young age which stemmed from learning different dance styles from several countries around the world. I am fascinated at how different cultures influence others to lead their lives, and therefore, in 2015 I decided to go travelling around the Indian sub-continent and South East Asia, where I experienced traditional cultures in local villages, authentic local food and explored spectacular scenery. After returning from my trip, I was particularly stunned at the diversity Vietnam as a country had to offer, including; rice paddies, Halong Bay’s spectacular scatter of islands, white sandy beaches, rolling sand dunes, ancient historic towns, traditional cobbled streets where locals make their own clothing and the smell of the fresh street food. All of the above attributes, has developed my passionate flare for travel. I am particularly interested in South America, as I feel this is the only continent in the world that provides all of the same elements as well as exquisite gastronomy, exotic wildlife, and spectacular astronomy.

Talking Points

What is your favourite destination?

Sri Lanka - I love how friendly the locals are. The food is
authentic and delicious and there is lots of exotic wildlife.

Which destination is top of your bucket list, & why?

Costa Rica - I love how the locals are supporting their 
environment to help the wildlife growth. 

How many languages do you speak?


Which five items do you always pack when travelling?

1. Backpack  2. Swimwear  3.Trainers  4. Travel Wallet  5. Go Pro 

What's your top travel tip?

If you like the look of a desitnation, always check it out as 
you never know if and when you'll be back!