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A&K Philanthropy: Our project in Peru

For many years, A&K Philanthropy (AKP) has supported the Children of the Rainbow School, believing in an integrated approach to education, health and emotional development

In 2017, with the help of AKP, the school extended their programming to include 22 pre-school students, aged four and five years old.

Initial success

For the children of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a good education was an unattainable goal before Helena van Engelen and her team opened the Children of the Rainbow School. Here, the most impoverished and at-risk children can eat, access medical and dental care and take part in a proper education.

We’ve had great success in introducing nutrition and learning to this age group. Starting at this early age has given the school’s youngest students the proper foundation to start elementary school on a strong footing.

Continuing progress 

Following the success of the pre-school programme, we want more children in the region of Urubamba to have this opportunity as well.

The goal is to be able to expand the programme to 45 children in 2018 and at least 70 in 2019. To reach this goal, the Children of the Rainbow School needs to open more classrooms and to invest in more teachers, materials, methods, and other costs for growth.

The current project

With AKP support, the school will start building additional classrooms and plans to finish construction in early 2018. If all goes as scheduled and according to plan, the school will be able to start enrolling new students in March 2018.

We’re optimistic about the opportunity to grow our support and welcome more children into education. AKP will be the official sponsor of the new nursery classroom for children aged three and four years old. Our aim is to help make big improvements to the lives of people in this region. This project, and others similar to it, help to confirm that we can make a difference if we all work together for our children.

Meet Janet Camacho, our AKP Peru Coordinator

When did you start working with AKP? 

August 2016

What led to you become an AKP Coordinator?

I’ve always liked helping and participating in philanthropic activities. I was fortunate to have Bianney Mendoza as the Operations Manager of Cusco, who saw that I had the skills to become an AKP Coordinator.

What does philanthropy mean to you?

I believe that, by doing more philanthropy, we have a chance to change our world by educating and investing in our youngest generation – who are the future of our world.

What is the best part about being an AKP Coordinator?
The best part is that feeling of happiness and love that fills my heart when I see that our projects impact people’s lives. I also enjoy learning that people want to come with us on our journey and being able to connect them with our projects.

Where is your favourite place to take A&K guests?

I love taking guests to Niños Del Arco Iris foundation (Children of the Rainbow School). This is the most complete and integral project that I’ve seen in the Sacred Valley. We’re growing as a program, and as the kids grow too, they get new opportunities in life. 

Education is a tool that no one will ever take away from them; it’s the best tool we can give to our kids to help them lead a good life.

How does a visit to an AKP project help guests understand the challenges facing our community partners?

When a guest visits our projects, we show them how we’re changing lives. We don’t need to show critical situations. We want to show the happiness and success our projects have brought. We want to show that there is hope for our communities, and together with our guests we can continue even further.