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A&K together: personal stories from around the world

Whilst we wait patiently for the right time to travel, we wanted to share some unique insights from A&K staff around the world

Reading time: 5 minutes 

At A&K, we miss connecting our guests with people and cultures from around the world. Our staff in destination, the people that make your holidays come alive, cannot wait to start showcasing their own local cultures and experiences to you once again. Whilst we wait patiently for the right time to travel again, we wanted to share some unique insights from A&K staff around the world and get a peek inside their lives during lockdown. We hope to bring A&K's travel community together while opening a much-needed window to the wider world outside our own homes. 


Salaam Shaqdeeh, Operations Manager at A&K Jordan 

Salam Shaqdeeh

“I am often asked about my favourite place in Amman and the Citadel is always my answer. It overlooks the old part of Amman, and standing there is like boarding a time machine that takes you back to ancient civilizations. I always wonder how many leaders stood here with a dream to conquer the world. Did they feel the serenity of this magnificent place? Or did they celebrate their victorious achievements here? It is like a mountain that reveals dreams, tells stories, and is heavy with memories and love.” 

Amman Citadel


Lara Rossi, Travel Executive at A&K Italy, at home in Sesto Fiorentino in Tuscany 


“I live with my husband and our dog Ambra in Sesto Fiorentino, Tuscany. We are still allowed to take our dogs for a walk, but we can't get too far from home. We live near a natural protected area where there are lake birds like white herons, mallard ducks and Knights of Italy.

“I call it 'the little Camargue' – it’s like heaven on earth. I have learned to appreciate what we have nearby. We feel quite lucky to live in a village located near the slopes of a mountain. Spring is the most beautiful season of the year because nature is at its best. I have taken some pictures to remind me how beautiful our planet is; despite the virus, nature takes its course.” ⠀⠀ 


Anyatama Ghosh, Marketing Manager A&K India 

Plants & drawingA Roman sunset

“During this nationwide lockdown, I have been doing a whole bunch of stuff that I have neglected for the last couple of years. I have taken up painting and drawing again. I have enclosed this water-colour painting of the leaves of my favourite Monstera Deliciosa (Gardening is another hobby of mine). 

"Like everybody, I, too, am waiting for the day when this is all over and we can begin exploring places again. Inspiration struck while I was scrolling through Instagram and reminiscing about my 2018 Eurotrip. A Roman sunset came to my screen which I have tried putting to paper with the help of my pencil and crayons. This led to yet another water-color painting of yet another sunset, this time in Sunset Boulevard, LA – a bucket list which I look forward to crossing out soon!” 


David Machado, Coordinator A&K Ecuador 


“I live in a place called 'La Armenia', a rural area in the outskirts of Ecuador’s capital (Quito). I am a keen bird watcher. During this time I have been able to witness many species returning back to their homeland, such as the American kestrel and the band tailed pigeon. 

"One of my favourite places to come to in Ecuador for birdwatching is the Amazonia because of the wide array of species, and Southern Ecuador because of the highest percentage of endemic species that can be found here. 

"Now, my favourite bird is the silver-breasted buzzard eagle, because it is very representative of the place I grew up in, in Ecuador’s Central Andes. And it is also a bird that is related to local stories and myths of the local area. A truly magical place!”