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Exploring Iceland by helicopter

In my opinion the best way to experience Iceland’s incredible sights and scenery is from above – by helicopter


The possibilities are endless when it comes to helicopter tours. It was a phenomenal experience to see Iceland’s beauty from the comfort of a helicopter. From steaming ash-covered glaciers, misty lowlands, deserted black-sand beaches to glacial lagoons.

We started our adventure with a flight over gorgeous Reykjavik. It is the most northern capital city in the world. A fantastic aerial overview shows you a cityscape full of colourful houses. Where else can you see a city area where two thirds of the country’s population lives?

We then swooped over waterfalls, such as Glymur, and the valley of Thingvellir. This is where you can witness the tearing apart of the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasian. Seeing it from the air shows the immense force that has formed Iceland over time.

We marveled at Iceland’s geothermal pools, volcanic craters and endless lava fields. We touched down to wander around the boiling mud pools. There was hot steam rising endlessly from the ground, as well as the unmistakable smell of sulphur!

This helicopter ride gave me a taste for adventure. And I’m obviously not the only one. Another popular trip to take is the Golden Circle sightseeing route. On that excursion, you get to land on the Langjökull Glacier. Along the route, you will witness the geothermal wonders of Geysir, the spectacular waterfall of Gullfoss (often called the queen of waterfalls in Iceland) and the Skjaldbreidur volcano.

You can experience all that Iceland offers by air. Everything from sightseeing from above to touching down and bathing in secluded natural pools, having a private picnic on a glacier and experiencing fine dining meals. For the even more adventurous, why not try heli-skiing, heli-fishing or heli-hiking?

I highly recommend taking a helicopter tour when visiting Iceland. Witness the unbelievable views of the Land of Fire and Ice from the air – accompanied to the sound of Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries ringing through on board headphones. A memorable experience.