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How to experience Seven Worlds, One Planet for yourself

Follow in the footsteps of the BBC’s Natural History Unit and discover each continent’s wildlife first-hand.

It has been three years since the crew of Seven Words One Planet set their camera sights on all seven continents. David Attenborough guided us through the trials and tribulations of Earth’s animal kingdom.

Yet it’s one thing to see nature on the small screen, and quite another to see it first-hand. Since A&K’s founding as a luxury safari company, we’ve helped countless clients witness the world’s most spectacular wildlife – taking them everywhere from Antarctica to Australia. If you’ve been inspired by Seven Worlds, One Planet, here’s how you can see its animal stars up close.



In the first episode of Seven Worlds, One Planet, we see how the world’s coldest continent hosts a surprisingly rich array of creatures. This is where elephant seal squabble, gentoo penguin waddle, purple starfish dazzle and the southern right whale is making a comeback. Unsurprisingly, life isn’t easy for the wildlife, here – as a particularly memorable scene with an albatross chick reveals.

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From the world’s coldest continent onto its largest; the second episode takes us to the highest peaks and the deepest jungles of Asia. We see orang-utan face off with diggers in Borneo, golden snub-nosed monkey bicker in China’s mountain forests, and polar bear prey on huge herds of walrus on a remote beach. It’s a breath-taking – and at times heart-breaking – glimpse of Asia’s diverse wildlife.

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South America

Episode three whisks us away to South America, a continent-sized hot spot for biodiversity. Whilst the Amazon Rainforest rightly has a starring role, the programme also showcases other wildlife havens. We see puma on the prowl in Patagonia, Andean bear climbing to dizzying heights and swifts risking life and wing in the Iguazú Falls.

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Episode four delivers us to the marsupial wonderland of Australia. We learn that, thanks to millions of years of isolation, a unique ecosystem has developed here. We see the formidable cassowary pacing in the Daintree rainforest, kangaroo caught in snowstorms, the rugged reptiles of Australia’s red desert and more.

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When we think of incredible wildlife, it’s easy to look beyond Europe to more exotic locales. Seven Worlds, One Planet spends a whole episode revelling in the animals closer to home. We see everything from wolves on the hunt in Italy’s mountain villages to Gibraltar’s nuisance-causing colony of barbary macaque – Europe’s last remaining non-human primate – and hamsters at war in Vienna.

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North America

Like its southern neighbour, North America is brimming with biodiversity. It’s also a place of dramatic contrasts, from the icy north to the arid South West. This episode peeks into the lives of the lynx in the Yukon, the manatees in Florida, the roadrunners of Arizona and the pyramid-building puffer fish of Tennessee’s creeks.

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As the homeland of A&K, Africa has a special place in our hearts, and it’s impossible to tire of seeing the continent’s iconic animals. This episode spoils us with stunning footage of cheetah teaming up to take down huge prey, hyena on a trip to the seaside and chimpanzee teaching each other to use tools.


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