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Make it count in 2022

After two years of dreaming, it’s more important than ever to make your next holiday count. Imagine sprawling adventures, once-in-a-lifetime moments and shared memories with family and friends; holidays where you’re immersed in a destination and taken on an unforgettable journey.  

Planning unique experiences is what we do best. Our tailor-made service, destination knowledge and local insider access mean we can create one-of-a-kind holidays you’ll reminisce about for years to come. 

Here are some of the exceptional travel experiences that our clients have on their list for 2022. Which ones will you choose?

Reading time: 10 minutes


“I want my very own Gorillas in the Mist moment – spending time with these gentle giants in their natural habitat"

Gorilla in the habitat Bwindi NP Uganda

Discovering endangered mountain gorillas in Africa’s dense tropical rainforest could well be the biggest adventure of your life. In Uganda’s Bwindi National Park, expert guides lead you deep into the jungle to encounter these powerful yet charmingly playful animals on their own turf. Standing close to a mighty silverback is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Spending time with gorillas is a privilege very few people have the chance to experience – there are a limited number of permits each day and the gorillas are greatly protected, so you’ll also have peace of mind that this is responsible wildlife viewing at its best.  

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“I’ve seen Hawaii’s mighty volcanoes from the ground, but I’d love to see one from a helicopter, to truly appreciate their scale and drama”

Alaska and Hawaii's Extreme Landscapes

If you’re seeking an antidote to being locked down and cooped up for two years, we have just the solution. Sweep over Earth’s extremes on a cinematic journey that pairs two exceptional destinations: Alaska and Hawaii. In Alaska, you can take to the slopes for world-class skiing and fly around the hanging glaciers of the Chugach Mountains. Then admire sky-high views in Hawaii on a heli-ride over prehistoric volcanoes as well as at sunrise on Mauna Kea’s summit. We recommend setting aside plenty of time to lap up postcard-worthy Oahu’s North Shore and the rugged beauty of Big Island.

How to experience Hawaiia’s volcanoes and Alaska’s glaciers on a heli-ride with A&K: on our tailor-made Alaska and Hawaii's Extreme Landscapes itinerary 


“I want to soak up Iceland’s natural beauty while soaking in its famous hot springs”


Holidays away from the crowds are hot on our list for 2022. There’s nothing quite like the untamed beauty of Iceland, where away from the big-name attractions lie hidden paths, remote pockets of wilderness – and possibly the best bath of your life. Buckle up for a Jeep adventure like no other, journeying through vast Icelandic landscapes to reach Hveravellir. Here, in the geothermal river, you can take a dip in a hot pool on the Kjölur plateau between the glaciers of Langjökull and Hofsjökull. It’s the perfect spot to soothe your body and mind.  

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 “As a nature lover, seeing and learning about the endangered Komodo dragon in its homeland would be a rare privilege”

Banda archipelago Maluku Islands Indonesia

UNESCO-designated Komodo National Park is a beautiful island of volcanic hills, thorny forests and sweeping white-sand beaches, surrounded by thriving coral reefs. It’s also home to the Komodo dragon: the world’s largest lizard. Weighing in at around 90 kilograms and measuring three metres long, these powerful beasts look like something from another age. As you navigate the island’s winding pathways, a local ranger will keep an eagle eye out for these fierce creatures – with their speckled scaly skin, they’re easily camouflaged in the forest floor.


“Exploring ancient sites amid Saudi Arabia’s dunes – free from big crowds – is just my kind of adventure”


Until recently, Saudi Arabia’s archaeological wonders have been off-limits to much of the outside world. In 2022, you could be among the few people to visit the wind-swept desert town of AlUla, gateway to the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra. This is the second largest Nabatean city, after world-famous Petra in neighbouring Jordan, and it offers an equally impressive experience – without the crowds. More than 130 rock-hewn tombs with elegant facades have been uncovered to provide a remarkable insight into this lost kingdom, some dating back over 2000 years. 

How to explore Saudi Arabia with A&K: Enjoy our Classic Saudi Arabia tailor-made itinerary


“I’ve only seen Galápagos tortoises in wildlife documentaries – I’d love the chance to see them up close and in the wild”

Giant tortoise, Galapagos

For most of us, the only recent opportunity to watch wildlife has been through a screen. Those keen to reconnect with nature in person should consider Ecuador – a trove of natural wonders. On the mainland, you can see the highest peaks in the Andes as the condors do, with a flight over the Avenue of Volcanoes. Arguably the country’s greatest natural treasures, however, lie some 1,388 kilometres from the mainland, scattered across the Galápagos islands. This volcanic archipelago, whose endemic wildlife so inspired Darwin, defies belief. Visitors are afforded the chance to spot countless unique creatures both great and small, from the Galápagos tortoise to the marine iguana. A cruise here is a true bucket-list adventure for wildlife enthusiasts.

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“I would love to spend a night in the desert – under the stars but wrapped up in total luxury"


Jordan: where archaeological grandeur meets natural wonder. There is so much to explore, from the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea to the beautifully preserved Roman ruins at Jerash, not to mention the rock-hewn city of Petra – often described as the eighth wonder of the ancient world. As you journey through these storied lands, we can put you up in the very best hotels, including a luxury camp sequestered in the desert, promising atmospheric nights under crystalline starlight.

How to experience a canopy of stars in style with A&K: With our Jordan in Style tailor-made itinerary


“I’ve always wanted to visit the vineyards of Champagne, but doing so while behind the wheel of a supercar is another level” 

Champagne, France

The French countryside beckons with its sun-drenched vineyards, rolling hills and cloistered villages, and a self-drive tour is just the way to experience it. In Champagne, cruise along the Marne River, visit a place of pilgrimage for wine lovers and imbibe top-tier bubbly. Unwind in Massignac’s “secret French paradise” and sample the viticulture of Bordeaux. In Provence, discover where are and wine pair perfectly, then set off for Megève’s Alpine delights. When you are out of the driver’s seat, bed down in five-star accommodation. This includes the fairy-tale châteaux of Domaine des Etangs: Les Sources de Caudalie, with its famed ‘vinotherapy’ spa; and Royal Champagne, set amid Épernay’s scenic hills.

How to experience a supercar drive and vinotherapy in style with A&K: With our Grande supercar tour of France tailor-made itinerary


“I want a villa holiday where every little thing is taken care of – with a private chef, cooking just for us”

The Zarassi Estate, Mykonos

For so many of us, there’s a great desire to reconnect with family and friends, and villa holidays offer an idyllic setting to just that. Picture a rustic retreat in Provence, some sun-kissed villa in Crete, or perhaps a lavish Italian home set right on the lake. Then add in a suite of extra services so you needn’t lift a finger (unless you want to). A private chef to rustle up delicious local fare, a hire car or bicycles for easy exploration, personalised guided excursions and more: this is a luxury villa holiday with all the trimmings. If your New Year’s resolution is to relish the people in your life, in person, then this is the choice for you.

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