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Top five AKP experiences

Life's most enriching experiences are those that make a difference. Here are five fantastic AKP projects you can experience yourself

Some of the most enriching experiences are the ones that make a difference. Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP) offers a way of tapping into the local culture and immersing yourself in your very destination. Whether it’s setting up monitors to study South Australia’s wildlife or cooking up Indian fritters in a children’s home in Udaipur, lend a hand and learn about the projects that are doing good. Giving back may just be the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. Here are our top five AKP experiences:


Visit a Madrasati School in Jordan

Literally translating as ‘my school’ in Arabic, Madrasati is an initiative supported by Her Majesty, Queen Rania of Jordan. A visit to one of Amman’s schools is a touching experience, witnessing first-hand how it changes the lives of Jordan’s underprivileged children. Take a tour with the teachers and engage with the students, peeking into classrooms full of laughter and beaming smiles. 


Serve as a Dabbawala for the Day

If you’re looking for total cultural immersion, it can’t get any more authentic than joining Mumbai’s dabbawalas. Live a day in the life of these all-important tiffin couriers whose job it is to deliver hot lunches to the city’s workforce. You’ll get swept up in the city’s morning thrum, handing out lunch boxes on the busy trains. A culinary experience like no other.

Conservation in South Australia

Among 24,000 hectares of South Australian outback, this is your chance to take part in a vetted conservation programme designed to monitor rare wildlife. Join a field guide to track a radio-collared quoll (a nocturnal marsupial) setting up monitors to capture the movement of these rarely seen creatures. You’ll also learn the savvy strategies used to preserve this precious landscape.

Visit a Children’s home in Udaipur

Visit Hansraj Children’s Home in Udaipur whose aim is to improve literacy rates and combat gender discrimination with free education, books, meals and clothes. You’ll see the progress first-hand and meet the children, most of them hailing from Udaipur’s surrounding tribal belts. Take part in games and help make traditional pakoras (Indian fritters). It’s usually the highlight of their days and will most likely be yours.

This includes a visit to an A&K Philanthropy (AKP) supported project. AKP is dedicated to positively impacting lives and livelihoods in the communities where we travel.

Hansraj Children’s Home

Udaipur, India

Hansraj Children’s Home is supported by A&K Philanthropy, with the aim of improving literacy rates and combatting the gender discrimination which makes it difficult for girls to access education

Serve as a dabbawala

Mumbai, India

Join in the thrum of Mumbai’s legendary dabbawala service. Don a white uniform and Ghandi cap to learn about the quintessential tiffin delivery service. Help distribute lunchboxes across the city

Support Arkaba's sustainability project

South Australia, Australia

Stay at eco-friendly Arkaba and take part in a conservation initiative to help re-introduce the western quoll. By staying in this homestead you will also help support its sustainability project