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Why we like it

  • A rare opportunity to track black rhino on foot
  • The knowledgeable Samburu management team with first-rate tracking skills
  • It is the first community conservancy in Africa to open a sanctuary dedicated to the conservation of the critically endangered black rhino
  • Stay in elegant, simple rustic accommodation called bandas
  • Our top tipElephants can often be seen slaking their thirst and cooling off at the waterhole next to the camp
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Dedicated to the conservation of critically endangered black rhino, Saruni Rhino is a sanctuary set within the wilds of the Sera Conservancy in northern Kenya. It offers an incomparable wilderness adventure amid a vast, dramatic landscape.

Employing traditional methods under the direction of a Saruni guide and a ranger, you will enjoy a rhino tracking experience on foot. Educational and exhilarating in equal measure, a stay at Saruni Rhino allows you to actively contribute to the protection of this iconic species.

Accommodation is in the form of a simple, rustic banda (a stone cottage with a thatched roof). All bandas have hot and cold running water, comfortable seating areas and natural stone showers, with canvas zip-down windows and doors you can simply sweep aside. Enjoy a sundowner at dusk on the sandy terrace, embowered by swaying doum palms. In the dry season, keep an eye on the sky as rare sandgrouse fly in their thousands.

During your stay at Saruni Rhino, you will gain a fascinating insight into an ancient cultural tradition – the singing wells of Samburu. The Samburu people – semi-nomadic pastoralists – lead their livestock to the dusty riverbed at daybreak. In a unique timbre recognisable to his own herd, each herder sings a melody while digging deep for the hidden water beneath. The animals locate their own particular well from the tone of their master’s voice.

Whilst tracking black rhino (an experience suitable for guests 16 years or over) be sure to keep a look out for the ‘Samburu Five’. Endemic to this ecosystem, it includes the gerenuk, the reticulated giraffe, the Somali ostrich, the Grevy’s zebra, and the beisa oryx.

  • Facilities
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