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Top Tip

Let your nature walk stretch well into dusk to see the rarest of the island’s unique creatures

Why we like it

  • Situated in the Sandstone Mountains, allowing for unparalleled views 
  • Classic styled rooms, each with a private balcony
  • Facilities include an outdoor swimming pool and small spa
  • Explore the park by foot to view the unique Madagascan flora and fauna

About Isalo Rock Lodge

High in the Sandstone Mountains overlooking the Isalo National Park, Isalo Rock Lodge boasts 60 rooms, all with spectacular views of this unique wilderness. Throughout your stay, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see the some of the iconic creatures that make Madagascar what it is. 

Explore the park on safaris, horse rides, treks and guided walks, looking out for giant chameleon, tenrec, mongoose and the 101 species and subspecies of lemur that populate the island. So much of the flora and fauna here are exclusive to Madagascar, and these captivating creatures maintain a state of wonder in all visitors. It’s also a hotspot for Jurassic-era fossils, though the beautiful waterfalls, canyons and valleys could keep you entranced for a lifetime. Another of the wonders here is the extremely low level of light pollution, making stargazing the ultimate way to enjoy the peaceful nights. 

With a 100-seater restaurant, lounge bar and a pool bar, you always have good choice of cuisine. Enjoy a mixture of European and local Malagasy recipes that change with the seasons. Plus, when you finally turn in after your energetic days here, you’ll find rooms equipped with comfortable furniture, tasteful décor and gorgeous views of the park.