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01242 386 462

Best time to go

April - November

Time difference

GMT +3 hours

Flight duration

14 hours, one stop

Fly to

Antananarivo via Johannesburg

See some of the rarest species on Earth on your Masoala rainforest safari

One of the largest and most diverse parks in Madagascar, Masoala National Park is home to rugged mountains, plunging valleys and crisp white-sand beaches along Antongil Bay. These varied features combine to create a unique ecosystem and a world-class safari experience.

If you love primates, our expert guides will have no trouble introducing you to some of the island’s locals. The rainforests of Masoala National Park are one of the last remaining refuges for the rare red-ruffed lemur. On an evening safari, you’ll find nocturnal woolly lemur looking down at you from the branches of trees as you pass silently beneath.

Our guides know the island extremely well and this includes the best locations to spot the endangered aye aye lemur. Although rarely seen, this lemur can be heard faintly tapping on the branches of trees to find grubs, before gnawing holes in the bark to extract the bug with it’s unique narrow finger.

Yet, it’s not all about the lemurs in Masoala. Your expert guides will point out fascinating flora unique to the island as well as those small details that can be easily overlooked, such as the miniscule stump-tailed leaf chameleon.

With expert guides providing tips on where and when to go, A&K can create your dream tailor-made holiday to Madagascar.

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