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Exclusive to A&K Clients

A welcome platter of fresh crudités and a bottle of wine or a selection of nuts and popcorn with a cold beers on arrival

*Terms and conditions apply, speak to a travel consultant for more information

top tip
Children and adults alike are welcome to join the kitchen first thing in the morning to assist in baking the delicious muffins for breakfast.

Why we like it

  • Visit the onsite coffee plantation to learn how the coffee beans are processed
  • The African Living Spa offers traditional Maasai healing techniques which have been passed down from many generations
  • Take a leisurely walk through the eight gardens on the property with the on-site Horticulturist
  • 18 cottages feature wooden floors and classic interiors with luxurious bathtubs and indoor/outdoor showers a wraparound fireplace warms the bathroom and living area

About Gibb's Farm

A working farm located within the Ngorongoro Conservation area. With a warm and friendly atmosphere it has charmed and rested many a weary safari traveller for over 40 years. The old farmhouse which is the central point of the farm, was originally built 1929 and now houses the living room, reading room, dining room, bar and a curio shop. A path leads from the main house through the lush gardens to the 18 cottages. Walk through the neighbouring village of Tloma to give you an insight to Tanzanian village life.

Gibb's Farm shares a border with Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Just inside the conservation area, a majestic waterfall beckons travelers to enjoy a light hike through the forest highlands. Along the way, experience the 'elephant caves': cave-like structures created by elephants digging up the earth to ingest the vitamin-rich soil. This soil also attracts other large animals like Buffalo, Bushbuck, Waterbuck, and Baboons. Currently, Gibb's Farm is home to over 220 different species of birds, and avid birders are encouraged to contribute new sightings to the bird list.