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Kidepo Valley is where you can catch the sleek cheetah prowling Uganda’s arid savannah

Located in the northeast of Uganda, Kidepo Valley may be Uganda’s most isolated National Park but it is also one of Africa’s finest. Over 77 species of mammal and 475 species of bird call Kidepo Valley National Park their home. And the emphasis here can often be on those that prey rather than their quarry, which makes for an exciting safari.

As your experienced guide will demonstrate, the National Park is particularly notable for its birds of prey. In fact, after Queen Elizabeth National Park, it is considered the next best location for birdlife. You’ll also discover that Kidepo Valley’s rugged savannah, dominated by Mount Morungole, spends much of the year arid. For the animals here, life is tough. While the Kidepo and Narus rivers bring their life-giving waters the region, these disappear during the dry season, leaving nothing but localised pools for the wildlife, and a gift for those who prey on them. That’s why these seasonal oases, combined with the open savannah, make Narus Valley the park’s prime location for spotting game.

Kidepo Valley is also the only place in Uganda where you’ll have the chance to see the cheetah in action. In the protection of your 4X4, and under the watchful eye of your A&K guide, perhaps you’ll even be lucky enough to catch this stately feline on the hunt.

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