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Top Tip

Dine in style at the ‘Waterfall Restaurant’, perched on the edge of the sanctuary’s biggest waterfall

Why we like it

  • 15 custom-designed tents
  • Uniquely perched over moving waters and waterfalls
  • Large variety of activities available
  • Emphasis on conservation and the local community 
  • Private nature sanctuary 

About Shinta Mani Wild

Get ready for a luxury camp experience like you’ve never seen before.  The concept behind Shinta Mani Wild in Cambodia is innovative and inspiring. With a firm focus on high-end design, a homely welcome and an ethos to protect its surroundings and residents, Shinta Mani Wild – The Bensley Collection – is, as it describes itself, a Private Nature Sanctuary.

Working in partnership with the local people and appropriate bodies, the retreat always has front of mind how to conserve and protect wildlands, as well as ensuring the tourism trade that comes benefits the locals as much as the owners.

15 custom-designed tents sit over moving waters and waterfalls, evoking a unique view in the country. A holiday here is more than just relaxing, it is an opportunity to explore wild frontiers and rainforest, in which you may see wild elephant, bear, gibbon and tiger. Meander on one of the estuary boats to see the waterways or trek out with experienced rangers. Culinary excellence awaits upon your return when you can choose from amazing meals, combining locally foraged delicacies with global gastronomy. And for a complete indulgence, head to the ‘Boulders Spa’ – where you can enjoy treatments and relaxation. A holiday here is a tonic for your soul.

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