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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia clean water project 

More than half of the total deaths in Cambodia are due to water-borne illnesses, many in the country’s rural communities where locals can only access contaminated sources.

Ten years ago, Abercrombie and Kent Philanthropy (AKP) started tackling the issue by building water wells for families in the rural villages of Siem Reap. Working with trusted local partners, we continue to install bio-sand filter wells as well as carrying out yearly spot checks to perform maintenance and ensure sustainability.

By the latest count, our teams have built more than 1,200 wells, providing clean water to over 28,000 people and offering fresh new starts for Cambodian families.

And it’s not just village communities that benefit from the wells. Livestock and farms flourish due to functioning, well-supplied irrigation systems.

Want to get involved? If you’re on your way to Cambodia, request a visit to Siem Reap’s outer villages to experience our project first-hand and meet our local operatives. Learn how to install a bio-sand filtered well and witness their impact on both health and the environment.

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Cambodia Clean Water Project

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