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Top Tip
Take a challenging hiking day to the summer pasture of the village where you will have a rare opportunity to see the beautiful area and learn about the traditional life style of the villagers.

Why we like it

  • Located in a tranquil village that only five families inhabit
  • 17 deluxe rooms the majority of which have a stunning view of Meili
  • Main restaurant for meals and a book bar to relax in
  • Activities on offer include guided hikes and walks (1-8 hours) and visits to Tibetan families
  • Perfect place to learn about the traditional Tibetan lifestyle in the stunning area of Meili

About Songtsam Meili

Songtsam Meili overlooks the majestic Meili Mountain Range. Most of the rooms have a stunning view of Meili, a memorable experience for every guest who stays.

Breakfasts are set in the small book bar for great views of the sunrise on the snow peaks. A romantic dinner can be arranged on the open terrace where the mountain peaks look so much closer than they really are.

Due to the location of Songtsam Meili, the journey to get to the lodge takes about six hours along winding roads passing little villages and Buddhist temples a real taste of northern China.