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Kyoto, Japan

Meet a sake mastermind who’ll help you discover Japan’s most famous beverage. The fermented rice drink has played a central role in Japanese lifestyle for over 2,000 years. Take a stroll around Fushimi, famed for making the world’s best sake thanks to its soft spring water. It’s a district renowned for its vermillion torii gates, a shrine dedicated to the gods of rice and sake.

There are plenty of breweries (some as old as Kyoto’s temples) but you’ll sip at the best. Stop for lunch at a restaurant-cum-izakaya for modern sake cocktails and salmon kebabs. You’ll then be ready to explore Gekkeikan Okura Sake. Not only is it Fushimi’s oldest brewery, but it’s also the world’s leading sake producer. At the museum, you can learn about the brewing process among the 400 items displayed - from giant wood barrels to ancient tools from the Edo period. Finish with a tasting of rich, crisp, dry and even a sweet fruit sake. You can then stock up with this traditional tipple from the shop.

Additional notes about the tour

Since we’ll be serving sake, this is not one for those under the age of 18.

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