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Rebecca Bale

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01242 386 483

The black-clad acrobatic ninja has been wrapped in mystery since the dawn of time. Figures of folklore with legendary ability, today you can discover the ancient martial art that plays a huge role in Japanese culture.

You will go to a dojo (martial arts training centre) where you’ll step back in time to feudal Japan. Learn the moves from an expert ninja instructor unveiling the stealthy steps and traditional fighting techniques. First, don your training gear. Then warm up your mind with a spot of kuji-kiri – a series of meditative hand gestures. Follow with a lesson in ninja weaponry, learning the art of throwing stars, Iai swordsmanship, and rope techniques. You’ll also learn how to use a jutte truncheon – essentially an Edo-period policeman’s truncheon. Self-defence plays a central part to the art as well as learning to grapple.

After your 90-minute lesson, there will be time for plenty of photo opportunities to share with family and friends. Your A&K representative will then accompany you back to your hotel.

Additional notes about the tour

Choose from morning, lunch and afternoon classes with public transport included.