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Golden Triangle, Thailand

After a one-hour drive, arrive at Lanjia Lodge, a picturesque guesthouse situated within a remote tribal village. Here, you are welcomed with refreshments and a presentation about the Golden Triangle area and life on the banks of the Mekong River. Then set out to explore the nearby Hmong and Lahu hill-tribe villages, where you will learn all about the lifestyles of the inhabitants. This experience also includes an alfresco lunch overlooking the Mekong River. 

During your visit to the Hmong people, you may meet with a practicing shaman. Enjoy a cup of tea with him, and learn about the unique customs of the villagers, such as burying the placenta and umbilical cord of their new-born babies. You will also meet the Lahu people and learn how they have been able to live off the land for centuries. 

Sit down for a leisurely lunch by the mighty Mekong which here forms the border to Laos. This is also where the giant catfish, the world’s largest fresh water fish, is found. Locally known as pla buek, this protected species of fish is held in reverence by these communities, and can be seen represented in artwork and stories.

Additional notes about the tour

An English-speaking guide provides assistance throughout your tour. Transfers to and from your accommodation are provided.

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