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Top Tip

Delve into the inner Mekong Delta on board your private sampan charter to visit untouched stretches of the Mekong Delta

Why we like it

  • Float back in time aboard one of four authentic sampans
  • Explore French-colonial houses, Chinese temples and traditional Vietnamese dinh structures
  • Cycle through local villages to witness traditional rural lifestyles 

About Song Xanh Sampan 

Take a private cruise through the Mekong Delta to discover the natural wonders of this iconic destination. You spacious living quarters are equipped with beautiful bamboo and rattan furniture, echoing the charm of the sampans of old which were once abundant on the delta. 

The four crew members onboard provide ultimate service. As your vessel navigates these mysterious waters, look out for the resident wildlife. This is one of the most wildlife-rich river basins in the world, second only to the Amazon in biodiversity. Watch the banks for sun bears and Asian elephants, while you could even see the rare Irrawaddy river dolphin breach the surface.  

Increase your wildlife-watching chance by boarding one of the rowing boats carried by each sampan. Move with stealth through even the densest section of the delta and traverse the small canals and arroyos. You also have the chance to witness an array of fascinating cultural scenes, from charming local villages to remote jungle temples.