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November - June

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GMT -5 hour

Flight duration

11 hours

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Mexico City or Cancun

Discover the beating heart of Mexico's interior

Take a step back in time to the colonial era, when Spanish influence thrived among the elaborate baroque architecture of tree-lined plazas and cobblestone streets. Recognised as the region that sparked the Mexican revolution in 1911, the colonial heartland evokes feelings of liberation and revolution among locals. It’s still looked upon today as a source of national pride and independence.

San Miguel de Allende is a thriving centre for art and culture, containing cathedrals, shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Said to be one of México's cleanest cities, Queretaro was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996 and is most beautiful at night. Founded in 1541, Michoacan’s capital Morelia is a well-preserved colonial city and another UNESCO site. New buildings in the city must follow strict building codes to maintain its colonial Spanish appearance.

The beautiful colonial town of Guanajuato is situated above a complex labyrinth of tunnels that used to serve the silver mines. The fine architecture and ornate buildings are a result of these prosperous days of mining. It’s a must-see in the colonial heartland, and a favourite with our guests. We also highly recommend the Lago de Patzcuaro and Isla Janitza during the Day of the Dead festival. It’s besieged by Mexicans for their unique celebrations on the lake, creating one of the world’s most memorable cultural events.

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