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Barbara Janicka

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While visiting Swedish Lapland take the opportunity to learn more about the fascinating Sámi culture during a visit to Huuva Hideaway on the edge of the Arctic Circle.

During your time on the homestead, near the Luppio Mountains, you will join Sámi people to forage for berries in the surrounding forest and help make lunch alongside the local chef. Traditional meals are often prepared over the fire in the lávvu (tent house), accompanied by the touching melody of joik (Sámi storytelling).

This is a chance to talk, share stories around the campfire, and enjoy a glass of glogg (mulled wine) made from freshly picked blueberries and blackcurrants at the bar located in an old reindeer corral. You will soon discover why the indigenous Sámi culture is known for its warm hospitality. During the day you will also get the chance to learn more about their rich heritage and view traditional arts and crafts.

Hear more about the philosophy of a people who are passionate about the land and believe it is our duty to tread lightly across the land and leave as few ‘footprints’ as possible. 

Additional notes about the tour

This experience runs from June to September.

Lunch is included.

Regular days Thursdays and Sundays, but other days are on request.

Children welcome.

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