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30 minutes

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Sakkara, Egypt

In 2018, a team of Egyptologists made a discovery – one of the most remarkable finds at the Memphite necropolis in a decade. They uncovered the ornate tomb of a priest and his family, dating back to 2450 BCE. From inscriptions, archaeologists learnt that the man entombed was named Wahtye, and that he was a ‘purified priest to King Neferirkare Kakai’.

A&K clients can enjoy exclusive access to Wahtye’s tomb thanks to special permission from the Ministry of Antiquities. Spend half an hour in this atmospheric four-shaft chamber, poring over the hieroglyphics, decorative carvings and statues. Ponder the theories surrounding the priest’s hasty burial, and the subtle signs that this tomb may have been meant for another. We can arrange for an Antiquities official to speak briefly to you about the discovery of the tomb. 

This experience is available in conjunction with a visit to Sakkara. Sakkara was the central necropolis of the ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis. Today, it is famed for its many millennia-old burial tombs and monuments, not least Egypt’s earliest colossal stone building, the step pyramid of Djoser.


Additional notes about the tour

This is a private experience that lasts approximately 30 minutes, the maximum group size that is allowed is 20 people. It is available during Sakkara’s regular opening hours.

We recommend watching the 2020 Netflix documentary Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb ahead of your visit for insight into the tomb’s discovery. 

This experience is only available to book as part of an A&K tailor-made holiday.

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