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Salalah, Oman

Discover the scent of frankincense when you embark on a trail with A&K’s expert guide. Learn how this base note for perfume was once a more valuable commodity than gold as you travel through the wadis and mountains of Oman. Learn how frankincense harvested in Dhofar is rated the best in the world.

It’s hard to believe this innocuous-looking tree can harvest such a fragrant and valuable crop. Your guide will point out the stark trees, of the Boswellia family, that dot this desert landscape. Learn how the frankincense is extracted and graded for use in perfume and incense. Frankincense is one of the country’s most famous and highly-prized natural products and you will get to see it growing naturally in the wild.

Your day will begin with a visit to Nabi Ayoub Tomb. As you wind up the scenic mountain road keep an eye out for wandering camel. You’ll have time to explore the resting place of Job, or Nabi Ayoub as he is known to Muslims. As you head towards Dhofar you’ll pass Mughsail Beach where blow-holes spectacularly explode with sea water at high tide. Your driver will expertly navigate the hairpin bends on the road towards the Yemen border where you see more frankincense trees and spot birds from the yellow-vented Bulbul to oystercatchers from the nearby sanctuary.

Additional notes about the tour

Wear light cotton clothing and take a pair of closed shoes for exploring the wadi.

Don’t forget your camera to capture this desert and mountain landscape dotted with frankincense trees.

This experience is only available to book as part of an A&K tailor-made holiday.

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