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5 hours

Where in the world

Sonora Island, British Columbia, Canada

The annual salmon run enables dedicated wildlife lovers a chance to see the formidable grizzlies in their natural habitat. Your adventure begins with a boat ride through Bute Inlet, a strikingly beautiful fjord, and the Arran and Yuculta Rapids. On arriving at the mouth of the Orford River, meet your First Nations guide and head to viewing hotspots along the riverbank.

Stop at the viewing towers along the way as you travel by 4x4. Learn about the local peoples and their traditions from your knowledgeable guide. This stunning remote destination is itself an attraction. Be sure to capture photographs of the dramatic mountains, everlasting forests and crystal-clear waters. 

Usually occurring between late August and October, the salmon run is when these fish complete their perilous lifecycle, returning from the ocean to struggle upriver to their spawning site. As well as fierce currents, the fish also have to face the grizzly bears who are ready and waiting for them each year. Normally very shy creatures, this is the only time of year when the bears become so intent on their fishing that you can observe them unnoticed

Additional notes about the tour

This experience is available at Sonora Resort only, typically running from late August through October. All equipment is included. All ages are welcome, but the experience is recommended for children over eight years old. The experience can be conducted in all weather conditions, so be sure to bring waterproofs.

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