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Island of Hawaii

Hawaii is famed for its many magnificent beaches. We believe our personalised experiences are some of the best ways to enjoy the sandy coast. You can plan your barefoot indulgence as you desire but we have some favourites that we’ve tried and tested.

You might like to have an exclusive picnic on your own spot of sand and with no one else in sight for kilometres. Ideal if you are on honeymoon and want to revel in Hawaiian romance, you’ll be treated to traditional Hawaii food and drink.

If you fancy more of a party, let us organise a private luau for you. Prepare to indulge in local delicacies, traditional music and dancing, drinks and storytelling. This is the perfect seaside spectacle for families and groups of friends.

Or for a more intimate party and ceremony, we know how to make it perfect for you. Taking place on a private beach on the beautiful island of Kona, we cater these specifically to couples and can feature local entertainment such as guitar and ukulele players as well as the wonderful hula dancers.

Whatever you want to celebrate, and whoever with, these experiences are extremely tailor-made to your expectations. So, everything is exactly as you want it to be. Discuss your requirements with your travel specialist and talk through the many available options for you.

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