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Active & Wellness, Wildlife

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5 nights

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From £1,565pp

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Horseback Swimming in the Wetlands

Discover authentic Argentina in this exciting adventure on horseback. Trek through the lush countryside in search of some of the region’s most fascinating wildlife. Look out for capybara, caiman and howler monkey. Enjoy longs days exploring Ibera’s wetlands with expert guides. Get a different perspective of this beautiful landscape as you embark on a boat tour and take to the skies in a turbo-prop plane.

Traverse the wetlands on horseback

Ibera is the second-largest wetland in the world, home to a complex network of lagoons, channels and marshes that is best explored on horseback. This hidden gem, nestled in northeast Argentina, is a verdant paradise rarely explored by humans. You will be based in Concepción just on the edge of the wetlands – an ideal starting point for your journey of discovery. This idyllic village is a step into rural Argentine culture. Admire the historical architecture and stroll down sandy streets, lined with craft workshops and wooden houses.

Trek through lush Ibera

Today, head to Paraje Carambola with an expert guide. Once here, get up on horseback and begin your journey into the green wilderness. As you encounter natural streams, your saddlebags are paddled over by canoe while you cross bareback. Enjoy a picnic lunch in the scenic countryside. Ibera is home to a staggering 4,000 different plant and animal species including capybara and howler monkey. Trot through reedbeds, woodlands and ranches to a rustic house by the river in Nupuy. Experience authentic gaucho life as you rest here for the night.

Spotting Ibera’s Flora and Fauna

Today, return to Paraje Carambola on horseback. Look out for local plant-life on your way back through this enormous freshwater reservoir, one of the largest in South America. Admire carpets of water hyacinth and giant water lily as you canter through the landscape. Your expert guides share their knowledge of this region and allow ample time for you capture unforgettable photos. Stop for lunch in a clearing and listen to the call of the wild as you eat. In Ibera, the bustle of everyday life feels a million miles away.

Turbo-prop flight over Ibera

Depending on your travel plans, bid farewell to Iberia tonight or continue to explore. Pick up your return flight to the UK or alternatively opt for a five-night trip and head over to Estancia Rincon del Socorro. Located on the edge of the nature reserve and home abundant wildlife, the best way to get there is by turbo-prop plane. Upon arrival, enjoy a late-afternoon wildlife drive with an expert guide. Settle into your accommodation, stroll among the beautiful grounds and perhaps relax by the pool before dinner.

Cruise Ibera’s waterways

By this point, you’ve explored the beautiful wetlands on foot, from the air, in a 4x4 and on horseback – now is your chance to take to the water. Cruise out in the Ibera lagoon, observing rare marine life in their natural habitats. Look out for dorado, pira pita and surubi fish in the emerald waters and their natural predators lingering on the shores. Huge jabiru stork circle the skies above and caiman wait on the banks. Breathe in the tranquil atmosphere of this natural paradise.

One last trek in Ibera

Spend time this morning exploring for one last time, looking out for rare wildlife you may not have glimpsed yet. Enjoy breakfast at your leisure and savour panoramic views of this unique eco system. Afterwards, depart from your accommodation and meet your transfer for the next exciting leg of your adventure.

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