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Bahia beats in Salvador

There’s never a dull moment in Salvador da Bahia. An epicentre of Afro-Brazilian music and culture, Brazil’s romantic city by the sea is more than just a pit stop. Spend three days soaking up the spice-filled streets, vivacious beats rolling through the balmy air. Join in a fun-filled percussion lesson, try your hand at capoeira and gain rare insight into Bahia’s unique Candomblé religion.

A Candomblé ceremony

Today you have the rare opportunity to immerse yourself completely in Bahia’s Afro-Brazilian Candomblé religion. Meet your local guide and head to one of the city’s terreiros, a typical house of worship. Watch a traditional ceremony, an eye-opening experience where participants clad in white allow themselves to be possessed by deities through the medium of music and dance. Gain unparalleled insight into this spiritual ritual and come out of it with a deeper sense of Bahian culture.

A percussion workshop

Since you’re in the spiritual home of batala drumming, why not take part in a fun percussion class. Whether you’re a budding musician or a musical maestro, you can always take inspiration from Salvador’s famed drum corps. Led by an expert, you can learn to mimic the energetic beats and rhythmic arrangements, so integral to the city’s culture. You’ll also get to see the talented pros in action, a real treat.

A capoeira class

By now, you would have seen capoeira performed on just about every street. You’re clued-up on Bahia’s percussion, so now it’s time to put your knowledge of beats in action and try your hand at a capoeira masterclass. Part martial art and part dance, you’ll learn the kicks and turns from a seasoned pro. Master the basic moves of this tradition steeped in history accompanied by a berimbau (one-stringed bowed instrument). It’s also a lot of fun too.

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