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Meet Brazil’s Kayapó tribe

For total cultural immersion, meet the powerful Kayapó tribe, Brazil’s incredibly resilient jungle-living community based in the deep reaches of the Amazon. Discover their iconic traditions of body painting, hunting and celebratory ceremonies. Adventurers can get their kicks swimming in the glimmering river or hiking through the wildlife-filled rainforest. Your bed for three nights? A picturesque tented camp right next to the Kayapó Village.

Welcome Ceremony

Upon arrival at the Kayapó village, embedded in a carpet of dense green rainforest, you’ll be greeted by way of a special welcome ceremony headed by the incumbent tribe chief. This takes place in a warrior’s hut, serving as a meeting place for inhabitants to discuss community issues. All Kayapós present will gather round as the event unfolds; a colourful display of traditional dress and body paint. Afterwards, enjoy a light lunch, before heading down the Iriri River by speedboat to your exclusive tented camp in the wild.

A wildlife exhibition

This morning, embark on a guided wildlife trail with several Kayapó warriors. Along the way you’ll come across various species of primates including the long-limbed spider monkey and the aptly named howler monkey as well as a plethora of small animals and birds. Pause for lunch and then hop on a boat to glide along the Iriri, spotting great river otters, tapirs and colourful macaws. In the evening, steal out at night along the river in search of nocturnal creatures.

Kayapó Village

Today you can gain rare insight into Kayapó traditions. Begin the day with the tribeswomen, learning all about body painting using natural dye from the Amazon, a skill they acquire at an early age by practising on dolls made from babasso nut. Then spend some time with the hunters, who’ll school you on their centuries-honed techniques. Those feeling energetic can try climbing the large granite hill, the tribe’s most significant landmark. After lunch, join the village children for a refreshing swim in the river.

Wildlife with the warriors

Set out on an early morning wildlife adventure with your warrior guides, this time heading down the river scanning for more monkey species and other exotic mammals. If you’re very lucky you may even spot a jaguar. Enjoy a picnic by the river so you never miss a thing. You have the rest of the afternoon to kick back at the camp. After dinner, a specialist guide will treat you to an astronomy class while you gaze at the impeccable night sky of the Amazon.

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