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Annerys Hockley

Senior Travel Consultant – Latin America

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Part of a five-night itinerary

Where in the world

Rio, Brazil

Take your place on a dazzling float in the world’s most iconic carnival in Rio de Janeiro. During the five-day party, you can step into a sequined costume, learn to samba or simply enjoy the spectacular show from the comfort of your private box while sipping champagne. This is a truly unique way to experience the Rio Carnival which is held annually before Lent. Known as the “biggest show on Earth”, it attracts two million people per day onto its streets.

This is your chance to let your hair down and star as the principle performer in a feather-and-sequined costume on the very pinnacle of your own float. Your bespoke luxury costume will be custom made. For those wishing to learn some basic steps, take daily private samba lessons with one of Rio’s leading instructors. Preparations for the parade begin at the hotel, where one of Brazil’s top fashion and celebrity make-up artists will get you glammed up for the big night. A top carnival photographer will capture all the magical moments during the parade.

For those who prefer to watch the action, take your seat in a private front row box, which holds six people. Enjoy unrestricted eye-level views of the parade. You will also have access to the exclusive VIP area on the third floor, where there is a free-flowing Veuve Clicquot bar and gourmet enclave catered by the city’s top chefs. The perfect place to watch the glitz and glamour of Rio Carnival.

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