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40 minutes

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Tambillo, Ecuador

Travel in style over the Avenue of Volcanoes with a panoramic helicopter flight. As you swoop over the dramatic landscape of the Andes, you will be astonished by the craggy peaks and deep valleys. Your guide will point out the highest peaks and most-active volcanoes.

Look out for Corazon Volcano which stands 4,790 metres high and looks most awe-inspiring when low cloud covers the slopes, leaving the conical peak protruding into the sky. Some of the highest peaks in the country, at 5,248 metres and 5,126 metres, the Illinizas are a twin-peaked volcano set within a verdant portion of the Andes. They are also used to prepare climbers for high-altitude conditions.

Other sights include Cotopaxi Volcano which, at 5,897 metres, is the second highest point in the country. Cotopaxi is active too, having erupted over 50 times in the past 300 years. Since the most recent eruption ended in 2016, it is prohibited to climb the mountain, making this bird’s-eye view the closest you’ll come to this mysterious mountain.

Additional notes about the tour

The ideal time for this experience is in the early morning, when the visibility is likely to be at its best. The experience will take around 40 minutes.

There is minimum capacity of three and a maximum of five.

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