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Annerys Hockley

Senior Travel Consultant – Latin America

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1-2 hours

Where in the world

Quito, Ecuador

Come and see the very best of Quito from the top of La Compañía de Jesus with esteemed A&K access. 

Adorned in a coating of seven tons of gold leaf, La Compañía de Jesus stands proudly as a baroque-style church that embodies the pride of every Quiteño. Its exquisite decorations and living artwork have transformed it into a revered symbol of architecture and local history to this day. 

Step into a place meticulously designed with resplendent gold that casts a radiant glow throughout the church, illuminating the altar, before beginning an extraordinary journey into the heart of the complex – a realm accessible only to the parish staff and esteemed guests of A&K. 

You will unlock weathered doors and traverse centuries-old steps and corridors as you head towards the commanding domes of the church. These architectural gems have remained so well-hidden that even the locals have yet to lay eyes upon them.  

As you wander, allow your imagination to transport you back in time, envisioning the city as it stood centuries ago. Ascend to the top and capture photos of the unparalleled vistas over the UNESCO World Heritage city of Quito. See San Francisco Square, the Presidential Palace, and Pichincha volcano towering at an impressive elevation of 4,784 meters as it stands guard over the city. 

Additional notes about the tour

This experience can be added onto a normal city tour.  

Please note that reasonable mobility is required to climb steep stairs and onto the rooftop. 

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