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Annerys Hockley

Senior Travel Consultant – Latin America

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Papallacta, Ecuador

Set out along the famous Cinnamon Road to reach the high-altitude cloud forests of the Andes in your search for the legendary Papallacta Thermal Springs. It is easy to see why the conquistadors of old thought this high-altitude road would lead them to paradise. Discover Papallacta at the foot of the imposing Volcán Antisana, peaking an enormous 5,700 meters above ground level.

Such springs are found in the area due to the high levels of volcanic activity. On arrival, bathe in the sulphate alkaline thermal waters, known for their curative powers. Your lunch is also included with this experience.

Your scenic hike through the thick ferns and rolling mists is punctuated with panoramic views over these enchanting mountains. The forests are teeming with life, so as you explore, keep your camera at the ready for sightings of wildlife and rare birds. Look out for the iconic yet endangered condor, which can be seen gliding above the canopy.

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