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Don’t miss the opportunity to ride a llama cart – a totally unique experience!

Why we like it

  • Nothing but awe-inspiring views over the Sacred Valley
  • Modern design with colonial inspiration, set in an iconic Peruvian valley
  • The 10 acre organic plantation affords the freshest produce: you can pick your own vegetables for dinner
  • Experience a multitude of activities, including horse riding, bird watching and star gazing
  • Small boutique spa with views down the valley

About Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba

Built in the heart of the Urubamba Valley, among the flowers and trees that carpet the mountainous region, Inkaterra Urubamba has been designed with the architecture of the Cusco region in mind. Inca’s call this area the ‘bellybutton of the world’, thanks to its excellent cuisine. Local life is also reflected in the kitchen, with alpaca steaks, river trout, lamb and guinea pig bred at Inkaterra’s own organic homestead near that quite well-known ruin, Macchu Pichu. From the arrival drinks (pisco sours, Peruvian beers made from quinoa, wheat and maize, or chilled purple corn) to the vegetable garden, it’s unlikely you’ll go hungry. You can work off the indulgence in the 14-acre grounds or roam further afield with one of the hotel’s ecological guides.

Each room is designed as a calm retreat to return to after a busy day of exploring, with warm fireplaces for the colder mountain nights, terraces for panoramic views, dining areas for private meals, and a living area to take some time out. VIP treatment comes as standard so take an extra day just to enjoy the calm of your private palace.

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Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba