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Annerys Hockley

Senior Travel Consultant – Latin America

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Paracas, Peru

Ride through Peru’s arid sand dunes at Paracas, some of the highest in the world, in a dune buggy built for comfort. Allow your expert driver to drive you through the desert during sunset before you enjoy an alfresco dinner under the stars. With one of the most arid deserts on Earth, this district holds extreme beauty. From its windswept coastline to its oasis town, its history dates to 400BC when the Paracas culture thrived.

Step aboard your dune buggy and your driver will whiz you up and down the towering rippled sand dunes. Rip through the powder soft sand, barely touched by other people. You’ll stop at the top of one of the highest dunes at sunset when you can watch the light over the landscape turn from amber to golden hues.

It all ends with a dinner under the stars in a choice location. Live this incredible experience where it’s just you and nature.

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