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Top tips for travelling with children

It’s all in the planning when it comes to travelling with children – no matter what age they are. Our expert consultants will work with you at every stage of this process to ensure that all preferences are pleased, all needs negotiated and all your tiny humans are happy.

Once the plan is in place, the rest should be plain sailing (whether you are cruising or not) but here are some hints from our family holiday advisors, just in case.

  1. Make sure days are active and evenings are relaxing – minds and bodies need to be active and children’s brains are at their best when they are learning, whether they realise it or not. From safaris to new watersports, expand their horizons
  2. The children’s club staff are your new BFFs. Whether you want to book just one hour or several days for the kids, these skilled and safety-checked people will be able to deliver. Enabling you to get the rest and relaxation you deserve
  3. Give them a unique experience they’ll want to tell all their friends about. Each holiday should be memorable and mesmerizing. Make them glad they came
  4. Make transport easy. The fun bit of a holiday is not hours at the airport or hotel transfers. Make these as pleasant as possible by booking private transfers or airport hotel overnights to prevent those 3am wake up calls
  5. Travel light. We can help with what you need to take with you but bear in mind you don’t need three outfits a day and if the worst does happen, we can arrange a laundry service for you. Don’t take tech – this is the chance to put the iPad or phone down and breathe in the world

Speak to our travel specialists about planning your next family holiday.