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To fly by private chartered aircraft is to upgrade your entire travel experience. Depart according to the schedule you set, enjoy the ultimate in personalised onboard service, and sidestep large crowds and long queues at the airport – or avoid the airport altogether.  

Whether you choose to fly by helicopter, light aircraft or private jet, we guarantee an end-to-end luxury service, taking care of you at every stage of your journey, and always in style. In addition to affording you a high degree of privacy, we also adhere to the highest health and safety standards, including the most up-to-date COVID-19 measures. 

With A&K, you can select from – and combine – the following range of air charter options… 


For extra privacy and remote access 

Flying by charted helicopter allows you to bypass airport check-ins and avoid crowded spaces, making it an especially COVID-secure means of transport. Simply hop from helipad to helipad, then from chauffeured vehicle to your luxury accommodation. 

In addition, a chartered helicopter is able to reach more remote destinations, offering a stylish way for you to venture off grid. Fly directly to your exclusive villa in the wilderness, and explore multiple locations with swift and convenient transfers between helipads.   

Light aircraft 

For efficiency and access 

Especially recommended for domestic travel, a chartered light aircraft is an excellent choice. Unlike private jets, these nimble, smaller planes are able to make use of runways that are shorter and more remote, as well as those within grass airfields, providing you access to a wider array of far-flung destinations.  

Typically accommodating up to 12 passengers, a light aircraft can manage a larger group size than a helicopter, and travel further – in some cases, as far as 1,500 kilometres. Plus, it can cruise at a lower altitude, rewarding you with superior bird’s-eye views of your destination.  

Private Jet 

For exclusivity and personalisation 

On a private chartered jet, the only passengers are you, your loved ones and your small, dedicated crew. This guarantees you the utmost in privacy and discretion. As these private aeroplanes typically accommodate up to 18 passengers, there is room for the whole family.  

Each part of your journey can be tailored to you, from the destination and take-off time to the onboard entertainment and menu. You’ll also skip lengthy airport queues and security lines. Everything is designed to your schedule and liking.   

Group charters 

For jet-setting celebrations 

Whether it’s flying your whole wedding party out to a private island, or gathering family and friends at a sprawling villa for the ultimate post-pandemic reunion, A&K’s group charter option is the best choice for large groups. Travel with a party of 18 or more passengers, to a schedule that suits you, and arrive at your destination in superlative style.  

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