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“Everything at our disposal, when put to good use, can become an aspect of medicine. Planning adequate rest, distraction and treatment into our schedule helps to determine the stability of our future health and protect against illness.” – Ross Campbell  

From what we eat to how we spend our leisure, putting well-being at the heart of how we live – and how we travel – is a powerful global movement. 

Well-being has evolved and is no longer simply synonymous with nutrition, exercise and spa experiences. When considering our health and wellness holistically, myriad other factors are now considered, including emotions and their effect on our bodies, and wellness solutions have seeped out of the spa and are increasingly headed outside. 

Due to these innumerable factors, there is no longer a ‘one size fits all’ approach to health and wellness. You might be a yoga bunny who likes to get it on or to look to supercharge your immune system, unlock a new creative path, or tune into serenity. You might need to practice some breathwork or balance your chi or cultivate tools for positivity or managing stress. Whatever your wellness wants, personalisation is paramount, and your next trip might just change your life. For a truly transformational holiday, A&K has joined forces with wellness guru Ross Campbell to offer you the ultimate well-being travel experience. 

Campbell is famed for his acupuncture clinic in North London, where he practises Classical Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. With more than 20 years of experience, he has worked in GP practices at Grace Belgravia in the NHS and internationally, developing innovative retreats that respond to current health needs. He also worked for several years in the cancer ward at the London Clinic. Acting as your wellness super guide, Campbell will support you in your metaphysical journey, while A&K seamlessly handles your physical trip to your choice of destination. 

Choose from the likes of Torfhus Retreat in Iceland, LOPUD 1483 in Croatia or Ani Villas in Sri Lanka, where your wellness retreat programme – personally designed for you by Campbell following pre-holiday consultations – might feature experiences such as massages, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, meditation, Qi gong, yoga, Pilates, cold thermogenesis, immersion in nature and a curated food programme.  

With A&K making all your travel arrangements and in the company of Campbell, you could: 

  • Reconnect with nature in Iceland. Inspired by an Icelandic Viking farm at Stöng, Torfhús Retreat is sequestered in the heart of Iceland’s magnificent Golden Circle. It offers a rugged yet comfortable blend of Icelandic style and relaxed eco-luxury. 
  • Regenerate at LOPUD 1483, a contemplative space created over two decades in a medieval monastery on a Croatian island by one of the art world’s leading lights. Escape to the calm of this luxurious bolthole where history, art and botanical exploration will unite your senses. 
  • Relax at ÀNI Villas, a blissful beachfront property located on the southern tip of the teardrop isle. With four swimming pools and 200 metres of private beachfront to enjoy, you’ll feel immersed in Sri Lanka’s calming qualities. 

No matter where in the world you choose to travel to, with A&K and Ross Campbell, your inner journey to wellness is assured. 

Additional notes:

Whether you’re looking for a master masseuse, a superstar yoga guru, a top-notch make-up artist, or hoping to enjoy a fully bespoke retreat, our black book of exceptional contacts allows us to craft a fully bespoke wellness, spa or beauty experience that will ensure your time away is the perfect escape.  


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