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“I was 40 years old and I had been cooking French food for 20 of those years. I realised I didn’t have a voice of my own, and I was losing interest in my career. One day, all the fires from my childhood ignited from deep inside me and I was inspired.”

Celebrity chef Francis Mallmann, known to millions from his appearance on the Netflix original series of Chef’s Table, is a true icon of Argentine gastronomy.

You might think you’re a dab hand when it comes to the barbecue but now you can learn from the master. Francis is renowned for the Patagonian tradition of asado. This is not just cooking, but an art form. Francis will share the secrets of how to perfectly grill meat to create culinary delights.

Outdoor eating has always been part of Argentina’s national identity, linked to the romanticism of the Pampa region and the wanderlust of the gaucho. Enjoy an insight into this culinary world while spending an evening with Francis. Join him for dinner under the stars as he expertly cooks lamb over the hot flames.

Let this world-renowned chef and author entertain you with stories from his career which spans nine restaurants across the world. His passion has always been the flavours of Patagonia, and after two years in France, he decided to return to Bariloche and settle in the land where it all began. Experience his signature creations, which now includes vegan cuisine, all served with a flourish of flames.