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“Walking through the Forest of the Lost Child is like stepping back in time… no roads, no wifi, just the sounds of the birds, monkeys, and insects. We were met off our aircraft by guides David and Patrick (whose Masaai names are Ntiyani Kamomon and Lemeria Koyati). They taught us which plants could hurt and which could heal and passed on the stories they had been told by their fathers and grandfathers. This journey provides a true connection to the Earth, the forest, and its inhabitants including the Maasai that have called this area home for hundreds of years.Pippa Strong, product development A&K East Africa

Escape modern life by putting one foot in front of the other when you embark on a walking safari following in the footsteps of your Maasai guide swathed in his scarlet shuka.

Head off the beaten track into the Loita Hills on the edge of the Great Rift Valley. Trek under the dappled light of podocarpus trees and experience never-ending views of the savannah where you can almost see the arc of the Earth.

Following a private flight to Siana Spring and drive to Loita Hills, northwest of the Masai Mara on the Kenya-Tanzania border, you will arrive at the Forest of the Lost Child. This an indigenous woodland dotted with glades surrounded by acacias and bordered by vertiginous peaks.

The trek is just one of four Maasai Trails in this secluded pocket of Africa where you can follow ancient elephant trails and learn about the Masaai culture and rich array of wildlife.

While each day is an adventure, in true A&K style each night will offer a touch of luxury, the signature touch we started 60 years ago in this very country by founder Geoffrey Kent.

Despite being off-grid, you will stay in a sustainable, low-impact mobile camp offering all the home comforts. But the best part is that when you leave it is removed without a trace.

Forging your own path 

Almost 50 years ago, in The Tree Where Man Was Born, Peter Matthiessen wrote of the Loita Hills as “roadless and little known... that epic Africa of hope and innocence”. You will discover that little has changed. Making it one of the attractions of embarking on these trails. You could be clearing your own path through the undergrowth with traditional panga.

From the luxury of your base camp, set off with your Maasai guide into the Forest of the Lost Child by foot. Luxury tents await you along the route. The camps made up of African dome tents, a mess and bush bathrooms are seamlessly set up before your arrival and taken down when you depart.

Escape into a world of breath-taking beauty. Walk across the Nguruman Escarpment and onto the plains between the flamingos on Lake Magadi to Lake Natron. En route you will experience the sight of fresh paw prints in the red dust, scratches on bark and the rhythmical sounds of the bush under the equatorial sun.

You can choose the number of days you would like to follow the trails and any number of people can join from one up to 14. 

Mara Elephant Project 

After experiencing the Maasai Trails on foot, soar over the plains. Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of this incredible landscape and its myriad of wildlife both big and small.

The focus on this conservation helicopter flight are the gentle giants which call this home. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to glimpse behind the scenes of the Mara Elephant Project (MEP) with Marc Goss, CEO of the mission.

Join Marc to track collard elephants and hear how MEP uses helicopters to increase protection for the wildlife, communities, and habitat in the Mara. The cost of this experience goes directly to Endeavours Far Beyond and passed through MEP.

Enjoy the convenience of a private charter which will fly you to your exclusive lodge Arijiju, in the shadow of Mount Kenya, you can decompress after your adventure. Here you can relax within the private wellness facilities including hammam, plunge pool, hot tub, and yoga shala.

For those eager for a final flourish before heading home, you can opt for a sunset bush drive by 4x4 or by horse ride. Heli-drop to fly-fish in the lake of Mount Kenya or join the rangers at Arijiju to track Africa’s endangered black and white rhino and learn how they are protected around the clock.

Trunk call to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Before flying home, take a helicopter flight to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary for a transformational experience.

Land on the private airstrip and meet the keepers who will not only share their knowledge but bring to life the stories of the orphan elephants and their personalities.

By visiting both the Reteti and MEP conservation flight, you are supporting these local projects in the protection of these beautiful animals.

Since the launch of projects like these, illegally killed elephants in Northern Kenya has fallen by 53 per cent since 2012. Equally, these projects support the local community to improve their livelihood and economy.

As they say at Reteti, “It takes a village to raise a calf”, with all donations going towards eight bottles of specially formulated milk per day (the amount each rescue elephant needs), two bed-time blankets and veterinarian bills. You can return home safe in the knowledge your visit has made a difference.

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