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Experience the spirit of the Land of the Midnight Sun with a tour around its striking terrain

Explore the land of fire and ice in 24-hour sunlight under the watchful eye of its top guides, staying in the best luxury lodges across Iceland.
A country of contrast, Iceland offers you an alternative summer adventure with five exhilarating days atop its turbulent surface. Uncover historic architecture in its captivating capital, Reykjavik; learn about the power of nature, from restorative geothermal waters to the cold temperatures and breathing techniques of the Wim Hoff Method; and feel the thrill of ice hiking into mighty glaciers after a Zodiac ride between colourful icebergs.

The beating heart of Iceland’s capital

During the summer solstice, Reykjavik is a city flushed with colour and bathed in 24-hour sunlight. Your personal guide will be waiting, ready to show you the very best of the world’s most northerly capital.

Marvel at its vibrant geometric concert hall and explore the city’s many museums, galleries, and coffee houses – the perfect spot to watch friendly Icelanders go about their lives. Climb the steps of the 75-metre-high modern cathedral tower of Hallgrimskirkja for panoramic views of the city from its buzzy harbour.

Head north to coastal Hvammsvík to discover the true power of nature. Eight natural hot springs await you, varying in temperature due to the geothermal water, fed from a source 1,400 metres underground, merging with the Atlantic Ocean.

After a rejuvenating soak, why not try one of the delicious nature-inspired dishes on offer? Then, experience the Wim Hof Method in Iceland's stunning landscapes – embracing the cold, practicing breathing techniques, and witnessing the power of mind-body connection.

You’ll stay in The Reykjavik Edition, a five-star hotel in one of the world’s most sustainable capitals. Just steps away from the vibrant shopping district of Laugavegur Street in the heart of downtown, you couldn’t be better placed to take in the city – easily observed from the rooftop bar.

The land of fire and ice

Travel toward fire and ice on your way to Vatnajökull National Park. Few places on Earth beat the biking trails found here, which take on a new volcanic palette as summer takes hold.

A zodiac ride across an ice lagoon in Vatnajökull will take you toward its mighty glacier, responsible for the enormous icebergs that break the lagoon’s mirror-like surface, expertly navigated by your captain as they drift with imposing grace.

Swap water for solid ground as you hike Iceland’s rugged landscape, from Langjökull – the island’s second largest ice cap – to the birch forests of Husafell depending on the location of your lodge. Local guides will teach you the secrets of surviving in this unforgiving environment, from hazard identification to building shelter and cooking meals. In Langjökull, explore the glacier from inside and out – an otherworldly experience to see its internal ice. Strap on the crampons, grab an ice axe and search for clear ice in its ethereal tunnels.

A blue lagoon send-off

Transfer back to Reykjavik to enjoy a final treat with VIP access to the spa and the mineral-rich waters of the blue lagoon. Set in the UNESCO Global Geopark, this area boasts a spectacle of volcanic craters, blistered lava fields, sulphur springs and glaciers. You can feel the hum of geothermal energy beneath your feet – a fitting farewell before your transfer to the airport for your onward flight home after an immersive trip in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

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