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Graeme Bull

Product Manager

About Graeme

My family moved abroad before I was one, so the travel industry was always going to be a sector that was going to appeal to me. We had moved around the majority of Latin America and Africa by my teens. At 16, I was ready to break out on my own working in the field and exploring Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

A&K provides me the opportunity to apply the knowledge that I have loved gathering over the years, and personalise it for our clients' needs. Being in Travel Trade Gazette's Top 30 under 30 in travel has really spurred me on in making certain that in my role at A&K we continue to be front runners in the industry and continue to be innovative and imaginative in what we offer, especially when it comes to Latin America.

Talking points

What's your favourite destination?

Mexico & Argentina

Which destination is top of your bucket list, and why?

A trek from Choquequirao, the last undiscovered Incan foundations, to Machu Picchu

How many languages do you speak?


Which one item do you always pack when travelling?

A valid passport

What's your top travel tip?

Learn how to say 'please' and 'thank you' in the local language. And say it with a smile