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Barbara Janicka

Senior Travel Consultant

About Barbara

After achieving a Master of Science I followed my dream of seeing the world. Ever the adventurer, I fell in love with travelling and since then I have followed my passion. I realised I wanted a career where I could explore the wonders of the world and share my experience and knowledge with others. Before joining Abercrombie and Kent I had already travelled extensively; visiting Japan, China, Australia, America and with a keen interest in European history and culture, I worked as a tour leader and explored a large part of the continent. My own personal travel experiences and many years of working within luxury travel help me to create lasting memories and make holiday dreams come true.

Talking Points

What's your favourite destination?


Which destination is top of your bucket list, and why?

Lofoten islands for its remote, rugged beauty

How many languages do you speak?


Which five items do you always pack when travelling?

Guidebook, adapter, camera, charger and a positive attitude

What's your top travel tip?

Try to find the balance - switch off and make the most of your time away, make sure to unwind and relax but also take time to truly experience new culture, cuisine and ways of life