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Tour the ancient city and architecture of Pingyao

Your Pingyao tour will reveal an ancient Han Chinese city that has been perfectly preserved. It has retained all its features to such an exceptional degree that it really does feel like stepping into the mysterious and hidden past of China.

Pingyao hosts some of the most well-preserved traditional architecture styles from the Ming and Qing dynasties. With a history stretching back beyond the 14th century the architecture here has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Inside the city the beautifully maintained Daoist Temple is just one of the many temples that your Pingyao tour will take in. The city is walled from the Ming period and you can walk along the ramparts to get a better view of the layout and organisation of the city. Built with rammed earth inside and brick and stone on the outside, these ancient city structures measure 10m high and are more than 6km long, representing an exceptionally large architectural undertaking.

Your Pingyao tour could be easily extended to take in Datong, one of China's famous historical and cultural cities. Here you will find majestic old temples standing for thousands of year, the Yungang Grottoes to the west of the city and the mystical Mount Hengshan, one of China's five sacred mountains.

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