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There are some must-taste gastronomies in Japan – here is just a small round-up:

Okonomiyaki – there are two versions of this Japanese pancake, and both are amazing. Whether you prefer the Kansai or Hiroshima (which is more of a main meal in itself) version, you are in for a treat. Often made on a teppan, the Kansai batter of flour, eggs, cabbage and broth is then topped with a choice of meat, seafood, cheese and bonito flakes for a taste you should truly savour.

Takoyaki – grilled octopus balls might sound less appealing, but this delicious dish is found all over Japan with good reason. Batter filled with diced octopus, pickled ginger, green onion and tenkasu are covered in takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. Be careful, once you’ve tried these, you’ll be seeking them out everywhere.

Wanko Soba – In Tohoku’s Iwate prefecture, try soba noodles in small bowls (or wanko), with radish and mushrooms to add to taste. This is an all you can eat experience so wear loose fitting clothes and enjoy the competition, ready to wow your friends with your capability. 

Tonkatsu – This pork cutlet with Miso sauce incorporates a special Aichi miso known as hacchou-miso which is sweetened with bonito stock and sugar. This dish is famous to Nagoya and comes in many shapes and forms – including buckwheat noodles and udon. You may think you’ve tried it before but here the original is definitely the best.


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