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Best time to go

March - May & October - November

Time difference

GMT +8 hours

Flight duration

12 hours 30 minutes, one stop

Fly to

Tokyo or Osaka

A stay in Okinawa is the divine epilogue to a holiday in Japan

After a lengthy tour of Japan’s premier attractions, visitors often head south to the beach resorts of the Okinawan archipelago.

Why? Because white sands, lapping waves and the warming sun are tried-and-tested restoratives – a welcome tonic for the weary traveller.

But with a beach holiday in Okinawa, there is more. Beyond the water sports and the kaleidoscopic marine life lies a forested interior, home to a community remarkable for its longevity.

Listed as one of the world’s ‘Blue Zones’, Okinawa provides both the conditions and the sense of purpose for its residents to live long and happy lives. Hop over on an internal flight and you too can explore a way of life conducive to good health and find a peaceful serenity in its holy places.

It is worth noting that in Okinawa you’ll catch the transient charm of the blossoming cherry earlier than the rest of Japan – efflorescing in mid January.

Experience traditional Okinawan crafts such as an indigo dyeing in the Izumi mountains of Motobu, where the Ryukyu indigo plant has been growing naturally since ancient times. At the Aikaze indigo workshop, you’ll see the soaking leaves used to create the dye and then try your hand at dyeing a cotton scarf, bag or handkerchief – the perfect gift to take back home.

Visit the numinous site of Sefa Utaki, the spiritual centre of the Ryukyu Kingdom, where cobbled pathways lead to revered altars and sacred waters drip from calcified stalactites. From here you will glimpse Kudaka Island, the reputed spot from where Amamikiyo, the creation goddess of both the land and the people, first descended from the heavens.

For the last hurrah, stay a night in the capital, Naha. Whilst not having quite the same Blade Runner-set aesthetic as some of the Tokyo districts, the city is not without some techno cool. And it’s a fun capital, with idiosyncrasies born out of the Second World War: amongst them, a curious penchant for SPAM and its related merchandise.

Brewed with spring water from the Okinawan mountains, ‘Orion’ is a cracking local beer, suitably refreshing and a good shout for your farewell drink. Choose an izakaya bar, raise a cheerful glass with your travelling companions, and toast your Japanese adventure together. "Kampai!"

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