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Step back in time and experience the otherworldly brilliance of the Mayan temples on a Tikal tour

The northern lowlands of Guatemala are sparsely populated and covered with unspoiled rainforests. Our Tikal tours will reveal that this area was once highly populated and central to the society, religion and culture.

The ruins of incredible ancient Mayan cities lie in the sprawling forests of the Department of Petén. On your tour of Tikal you can soak up the timeless atmosphere of this dense, fragile ecosystem. Your expert guide will help bring to life the Mayan culture which once commanded this area.

Perhaps the greatest of all Mayan sites, Tikal, is also a useful gateway to the other ruins. Your Tikal tour can also take in the impressive Mayan sites of Yaxha, Uaxactun and Ceibal.

The ceremonial city site of Tikal holds 3,000 structures, and counting. Archaeologists continue to discover new evidence every year. At its heart lie the soaring, inspirational pyramidical temples that offer fantastic views over the forest for those who clamber up their steep sides.

The structures date from 200-900AD and all are within the 576km2 Tikal National Park. The forest holds 800 species of tree, 500 bird species and a host of exotic wildlife, including the jaguar and the tapir.

A little south, within the tender embrace of Lake Petén Itzá, lies the island city of Flores. Incredibly, the Itzá Maya held out against the Spanish conquistadors until as late as 1697. And from your deluxe accommodation here you may be able to appreciate why they fought so fiercely.

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