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June - September

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GMT -3 hour

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11 hours 30 minutes

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Rio de Janeiro

Explore the world’s largest freshwater wetland

Almost 10 times the size of the Everglades, Brazil's Pantanal is the world's largest freshwater wetland. A Pantanal tour will give you the chance to see some of its myriad exotic plants and the biggest concentration of large animals in the New World. Jaguar, giant otter, anaconda and caiman are just some of the unique species to be found here.

Seasonal rainfalls and flooding characterize the region. This sets the stage for one of the best bird and wildlife-spotting experiences imaginable. Each season has its own characteristics, which should be considered when deciding on when to take your Pantanal holiday.

The wet season (January to March) offers beautiful water landscapes, flocked with colourful birds. Capybara, crab-eating fox, and Pampas deer are just some of the species you might see.

In April, the rains stop and the water level recedes, giving rise to lagoons and water puddles. Thousands of fish are trapped, providing a food banquet for water birds.

July to October is the dry season and the best time to observe wildlife. The fields begin to dry, providing vast grazing areas where mammals search for food and water.

There’s much to explore and our experts can design your perfect Pantanal holiday. One of the best ways to explore is as the locals do; on horseback. There are few roads and horses can get to areas that otherwise couldn't be reached. You can also explore in small boats or in one of our modern fleet of 4x4s.

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