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Autumn is a celebration of colour. There’s nothing quite like the crisp air as summer slinks away, the crunch of leaves underfoot and the riot of red and gold overhead. It’s a season of wrapping up a little warmer and squeezing your other half a little tighter, but you needn’t be beholden to the changing weather north of the Equator. An autumn honeymoon can be a sun-drenched sojourn to warmer climes, or a snow-capped expedition to glacial wilds. It can be whatever you want it to be.

Embrace the season in all its multicoloured glory with a European honeymoon. Italy is particularly special at this time of year. The crowds thin out between August and November, so you won’t have to fight your way through tourists to see the sites. Cliché though it may be, a romantic gondola ride along Venetian canals retains its magic, especially at sunset.