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Why travel with A&K?

Whether you’re journeying between cities, countries or continents, doing so by private jet guarantees a superior travel experience. It affords you a level of convenience, comfort, privacy and flexibility that simply isn’t available with a commercial flight. Here are the key benefits of choosing a private jet holiday with A&K: 

  • We offer private charter flights worldwide – long-haul, short-haul and anywhere in between 
  • 24-hour dispatch means we are always available should you need last-minute support 
  • Our network of 55 offices around the world allows us to support you both in the air and on the ground, arranging everything from your chauffeur transfers and accommodation to your expert guides and tailor-made experiences. 
  • Travel on your schedule; with a whole aircraft to yourself, we can arrange and customise every detail of your journey to suit, including departure times 
  • Avoid busy airport terminals, queuing for security and crowded lounges – we can even arrange for you to be delivered straight to your aircraft door, meaning you needn’t interact with anyone except your driver and family/bubble 
  • Thanks to their smaller size, our private aircraft have access to a greater range of airports, helping you cut down transfer times and connections 

So, whether you’re flying to your luxury villa in Europe or a remote wilderness in Alaska, we’ll get you there is style, comfort and by the quickest route possible.

What will my journey look like?

With so many options to customise your journey, it may seem overwhelming at first. Rest assured that we will guide you every step of the way, taking care of all the details big and small to make your travel experience as smooth as possible. Here’s an insight into what your journey may look like: 

  • We will find the best aircraft at the best rate for you 
  • We will arrange for a private chauffeur to collect you from your home and drive you to the private airport terminal. 
  • Your driver will ensure all your luggage is taken care of and you won’t have to see it again until you arrive at your destination. 
  • Forget arriving at the airport three hours early, to be met by long queues and crowded lounges; arrive as early as 30 minutes before departure, then either unwind in your optional private lounge, or simply board your aircraft without delay 
  • Onboard, staff numbers can be kept to the bear minimum to ensure you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Flight attendants are typically only present on larger aircraft, but can be recommended where necessary for passenger safety. If you choose to have cabin crew onboard, a completely personalised menu can be arranged, from entertainment to your favourite snacks   
  • Upon landing, A&K’s team in destination whisks you away to your accommodation, where the real fun begins   

What types of aircraft are available?

We have private aircrafts to suit all preferences and group sizes, from a family of four to a whole wedding party.  

We offer:  

  • Helicopters – typically seating 4-6 passengers and ideal for internal transfers  
  • Turboprop aircrafts – for larger groups of 6-12 passengers looking to travel short-haul distances  
  • Private jets – ranging from light to medium and heavy sized, accommodating from 4-18 passengers and travelling mid- to long-haul.   
  • Group charter – privatising commercial airliners and regional jets, with business class seating throughout 

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Still looking for inspiration?

What you can see on this page is merely a snapshot of our Ultra Luxury offering. To discuss our full portfolio in detail, please contact a luxury travel specialist today.

We have a unique range of destinations, experiences and hotel options available.

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